Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Two Teeth

Mini Doc Handsome finally has his two bottom teeth poking through gums. I think it's right about the normal time he's supposed to be getting teeth considering he'll be six months next week. They're been making their way in since last Friday. I always thought the first two were your top two but I guess in this case it's different. He had been quite fussy for a couple days. We used baby orajel and now he seems ok. A few days you could tell he was in pain. So this picture is the two little guys causing him trouble. I still can't believe he has teeth!


  1. cute!! Teething is the pits... I can't wait for it to be over!
    I always thought it was the tops too... but O always seems to get the tops first... and usually the right ones ;)

  2. teething is such a bummer...i am so not looking forward to it. im a new follower... i love your wedding photos. soo beautiful!

  3. Hi there Adriana! Glad to have you join =] Thank you for the compliments on the wedding pictures. That was a hectic day so I appreciate it.


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