Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let the lists begin

My lists have started for our vacation. You'd think I would have started awhile ago considering we leave Friday morning. But no, I am a naturally born procrastinator. But today I began the list for my best friend who is house sitting and pet sitting while we are gone. I found myself writing things like, "please make sure they have water." She's a pet owner. Of course she knows they need water.

Don't even get me started on the list for Mini DH. How will I stop myself from packing everything in his room. Luckily the little birdie on my shoulder (a.k.a. Doc Handsome) will remind me we are only going for 15 days.

And can we just take a moment to talk about the ridiculous prices airlines are charging for baggage?! Twenty five dollars for the first, fifty for the second and third....and it just moves up from there. At minimum we are going to be paying $150 in baggage. Aren't we already paying enough for the darn tickets themself?!

Needless to say, we are so excited to get this vacation on a roll. It'll be the first time Doc Handsome has been out of the state on a vacation for non military reasons in just about three years. I can't wait for the other side of my family to meet him. I can hardly believe this will be the first time in the little over three years we've been together.

The first part of our trip is in Washington State. My grandparents live in a little town called Rice. There is literally a gas station connected to the tiny grocery store and a post office. They live about half an hour from a somewhat medium sized town. My sister and I lived with them for 7 years and we grew up there on the farm. It'll be nice to finally show Doc Handsome where a lot of my childhood memories were.
We're in Washington for 6 nights. Then we leave to head up to Anchorage, Alaska. We're there for 10 days.

In other news, I think I came across my first pair of shoes that I instantly fell in love with. You have to understand I'm not the gaga-over-shoes kind of girl. My weakness lies in other areas, like purses and perfume. I usually have about 3-4 pairs that I switch up. That's it. But I saw these shoes when I was shopping for work clothes the other day and couldn't resist trying them on. I feel absolutely silly because I can't stop thinking about them. They are shoes for crying out loud! I didn't buy them because I couldn't justify spending $60 on a pair of stinking heels. And Paris Hilton ones at that. But I swear, they would go so perfectly with my work clothes. This is the beautiful shoe. They are pink underneath so when you walk the pink shows. Yet another pathetic reason why I love them. And inside there is a pink heart. No one would ever see the pink heart, but I'd know it's there. Man....

Ok, that's all for my shoe rant. Doc Handsome is out with friends for the night so I am catching up on some "me" time. You know what that means...back to the list writing.


  1. omg those shoes are amazing!!! Can you wait until they go on sale? Make it easier to swallow the price? You could totally pull those off!!

    I am so excited for you guys to go on vacation! And wow... that is crazy... why do they charge so much for baggage?!
    Oh, and I am horrible when it comes to packing for the little one... when we are going to be gone for 2 days... I pack everything... never know what you are going to need!! ;)

    Good luck with your list!!

  2. I am in LOVE with those shoes! I'd say that for $60 I would buy them. They will go with most everything for work. And you could pair them with jeans (I'm a jeans and heels kinda girl) or a dress. Adorable!!!

    Love your blog!


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