Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So here's the skinny

Boy oh boy, have things been hectic around our neck of the woods. To start with, school started for me on July 12 and that has been taking up almost every single night once Mini DH goes down to bed. I am so excited to be in my half way point for my first block of classes with awesome grades. It has definitely been more challenging for me than I thought it would be. After graduating high school four years ago, I almost forgot how much time I personally need to put into my studies to make sure my grades are where they should be. I sure am kicking myself in the butt for waiting four years after high school finished to get my degree but heck....I'll still be young by the time I finish so I can't be too harsh on myself. Better late than never. I'm in the midst of writing an expository essay for my english class. It's amazing how realistic online classes are these days. It feels like I am in a real classroom. I speak with my professors and other peers everyday. I can definitely say this is the best route for me. And I've found it to be even more rewarding since it's more challenging. Basically, I am really loving it.

We FINALLY finished our car searching. We sold our Dodge and bought Doc Handsome a car that he's been dreaming of since before we even met, a Ford Bronco. Total man truck but I have to admit, I feel empowered when I drive it. Our Dodge went to a Navy couple who is about to start their family so it was nice knowing they'll put it to good use. So after that, we only had the Bronco and were searching everywhere for a new (a new used one) 4 door car. One, because we already have one truck so we wanted a full size car for the family and gas reasons. And two, we have just paid off all our debt in May so we are in the process of building our credit back up. We've started with a secure credit card and figured out that if we financed our car, it will durastically help our credit (granted car payments are on time which they will be). After a few months of making excellent car payments, we planned on refinancing through Navy Federal since our credit would be much higher. So we searched....and searched, and searched. For two months. We took two cars home and both times, we got phone calls saying the loan had fallen through. We were discouraged to say the least. But just last week we drove about an hour away and finally got a car we really love. A 2007 Saturn Ion. And the best part? It's really ours this time. We both owned Saturns when we were first together and had really good luck with them so we're so comfortable with this one.

Oh, and did I mention Mini DH and his new abilities? This adventurous child is going to be walking very soon. All he wants to do every day, all day long is walk around. He walks on the tv stand, the coffee table, the cupboards, the cat tower, the bookshelf, and the doors. He is everywhere. It's definitely my favorite age so far. I'm loving his new found freedom and desire to discover every inch of the house. Babies are amazing. I wish we could know what they're thinking sometimes. What's going on in their little minds? He's so mischievious but cuddly lately. His personality is really starting to emerge. The little dude literally went from learning to commando crawl to walking along everything in a matter of a month. For the record, I'm saying he'll walk by his birthday. Which is just around the corner. Eeks!

Other than that, there's a lot going on. My cooking skills have really taken flight. Last week I made my first pot roast and let's just say Doc Handsome was pleaseed. So in my book, that's all the matters. Meatloaf is on the menu tonight. We had our friend and his awesome girlfriend over for a bit on Sunday. I made chicken enchiladas and orange glazed pound cake for dessert. I've known this guy for a few years now so we had a good laugh about back in the days when I was "known for not cooking and not wanting to learn."

My sister is due with her baby on September 26 but she's measuring a bit bigger so the doctor thinks my little nephew will come about ten days early. And my sister in law is due on Mini DH's birthday (October 19). She had a boy last January and this time she's having a little girl! I had the chance to see both of them last weekend when we went to San Francisco. I could not get my hands off their bellies. I swear, there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant lady. There's such beauty in it, at least to me. My sister is absolutely glowing and my sister in law definitely is too, but she doesn't enjoy pregnancy too much. I can't believe there will be two gorgeous babies so soon now. I can't wait to hold and love on them. Oh! And my really good friend (whom I have to leave anonymous at this point to respect her wishes) just found out she is expecting. I am SO happy for her and her hubby. They are a beautiful family and she's one of the best women I know. So it's safe to say baby fever has struck me again.

So I think I can wrap it up here. Peacy peace.


  1. Wow it sounds like you guys really have been busy!

    That's awesome about so many babies coming into your family :) I hate pregnancy myself, but being alone and having complications can be scary so I think that made it all worse. Its all worth it though in the end!

  2. You guys should get MiniDH a push toy... we got O a push lion that he can now ride on! He loved it in the in between crawling and walking on his own stage... they have other cool push things... I love when they learn to walk! So excited!

    And YAY about the cooking!! I sometimes get adventurous and then make a mistake so I go back in my "shell" haha! You will have to send me your enchilada recipe! MrPnut LOVES them!

    I can't believe your sis is due already!! Can't wait to see pictures of both babies!! Yay babies!!

  3. I just recently found your blog (and just recently started to blog myself!) and just want to say your son is absolutely adorable! And good luck with him walking! I really enjoy reading your blog and about the experiences of other Navy s/o's!

    Good luck with school! I graduated from college last year with a degree in elementary ed, so I know what you're going through. You''ll love it and when you finally start teaching, all that hard work will be completely worth it! :)

    And congrats to both your sister and sil on their soon to be little ones!

  4. It sounds like things are super busy but so fun! Gah! Mini DH was born on our anniversary! Congrats to your sister and SIL on babies :)


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