Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Navy, you know just how to push my buttons

I am attempting to book tickets for our family to fly to Washington and Alaska as one big joint vacation in May/June. My grandparents live in Washington and a lot of my family (including my little sister, little brother, mom, other grandparents, etc.) live in Alaska. And yet again, the Navy knows just how to ensure difficulty in the planning phase.

With active duty orders being up in the air (not even knowing if we'll get them yet) it's quite challenging to buy airline tickets. Sure there are refundable options but of course those prices MORE than double for the price of non refundable tickets. It's absolutely frustrating. I stopped looking at all the figures today. I might just drive myself nuts if I continue working on it for too long. If we could just find out what the military plans on giving Doc Handsome, everything could finally fall into place. Including the possibility of trying for a second baby once we know when Doc Handsome will be home for an extended amount of time. There is no way we are allowing the Navy to take him away for another pregnancy and birth. And of course, this will all happen once Mini DH is older. But it will be nice to have a rough estimate of when we'll be able to plan for another.

Once I do get it all planned, this vacation will be one for our record book I believe! My grandparents in Washington raised me and one of my sister's (the pregnant one) for five years of our lives. So we are extremely close. They have yet to meet Mini DH or Doc Handsome. I can't wait to show the hubby where we built forts, the farm we grew up on, the creeks we went stomping through in the summer, and all the amazing childhood memories I have from there. Not to mention my grandma's delicious cooking. She was a chef before she retired!

After Washington, we'll be off to Alaska! With the exception of my sister, none of my family there have met Doc Handsome. Not even my mom. They talk on the phone and my mom calls him her son, yet they've never been in the same room. When I think about that, it's so strange to me. My mother, one of my best friends, has never met my husband. Even Doc Handsome's family has met her. And of course, everyone is dying to see little Mini DH. I am sure if we just sent him on the plane by himself, they'd be more than ok with that. It's all about the baby and I am good with that. I like being on the back burner to my son. That's the way it should be in my opinion.

So needless to say, this vacation will be eventful and not to mention full of memories. My mom and her soon-to-be-husband even volunteered to watch Mini DH for one day and night while they send us off on a romantic trip to Bear Creek Winery. They went there a few years ago and from the pictures it looks beautiful. There's hiking, exploring, amazing food and wine, cozy rooms, and even a hot tub on the porch outside your room. We are looking forward to one day by ourselves for the first time since Doc Handsome has been home.

Lastly but not least, please Dear Navy, cooperate with us as soon as possible!


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