Saturday, March 20, 2010

New toys

Today we bought a new truck. Well new to us anyhow. It's a 2003 Dodge Durango and we are very pleased with it! It's a beautiful silver color and I must admit, I have now become a truck kinda gal!


A couple weeks ago we went to a auto auction (the best way to buy a vehicle straight out in our opinion) and purchased a 2007 Ford Escape. The day after buying it, we instantly had buyer's remorse. A few years ago, Doc Handsome had a truck repossessed and has been in debt to Toyota ever since. Oh the silly choices we make when we're young! Once buying this truck, we thought it would be the most responsible choice and best opportunity for our (and Mini DH's) future to return the truck and pay this debt off so we can start building it back up. We spent a good chunk of our savings from this past deployment to pay off that debt. I could feel the intensity as Doc Handsome wrote the biggest check either one of us have ever signed. It was sad seeing the money disappear. But after we put it in the mail and had no other choice but to accept what we had done, it was extremely freeing! What a wonderful feeling knowing it was paid off and we can only move up from here.
Long story short, we accepted a new car could wait after being able to pay off that debt. We went to have our taxes done on base last week and were surprised with the outcome. It was enough to purchase a new car. So today we headed down to another auction and won the bidding for the Durango. Doc Handsome is already thinking about all the aftermarket add ons he plans to do.
On another note, here is a snapshot from this weekend that we got of Mini DH. He's wearing his mini sunglasses and ball cap.
I also made the first meal that I am EXTREMELY proud of tonight. I made a meatloaf and was happy with the results.


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