Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Frenzy

A couple pictures from our Saint Patrick's Day. Mini DH sported around his Irish shirt that Doc Handsome bought him in Ireland. It reads "Mine's a Pint" with a bunch of "milk" words printed behind. Underneath it says "Drink Milk Sensibly."


And then there was his bib. He never wears bibs but I swear he has one for every holiday imaginable from his older nephew.


Just a random picture. He barely fit into the pot but was having a good time regardless.


Last night I made cupcakes just to enjoy. Doc Handsome had been craving chocolate with strawberry frosting.


I used the piping bag to frost. Doc Handsome asked to do the last one and this is what he wrote.


Mini Dh is napping and then we are off to the beach for his first time. Not that he will really know what's going on at this age but hey, 5 months sounds like a good time to start his love for the sand!

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  1. Have fun at the beach!! We took O but he looked from afar ;) My gramma always says "but he won't remember"-- my take is this: yes, he won't remember, but I will! And I firmly believe that what you expose them to now shapes them in the future!
    So YAY for the beach! Beautiful weather for it too!
    And way to go with the cupcakes! Go you! They look delish!


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