Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stats, high chairs, and solids. Oh my!

Mini DH's 6 months stats:
17 pounds 9 ounces - only gained a pound
27 1/2 inches - He grew 2 inches in two months!
After four shots and a fluid, it's confirmed; he's in perfect health.

It was recommended to us for him to get the two flu shots, the H1N1 and the seasonal. My favorite part of the doctor appointment. We got the ok for starting solids!!! We went straight to Babies'R'US and bought his first high chair. I just have to rave about it for a moment. It's so neat. Attaches to a chair, the tray and seat tilt so it can be used from infant and up. Then when the baby is a toddler, the back comes off so it can be used for a booster seat! Ok, I promise my high chair tangent is over....

We stopped by the commissary and bought fresh green beans to make for his first meal. We decided we'd started with all the veggies instead of fruits so he doesn't get accustomed to sweet tastes before trying the "yucky" foods. After the house ended up smelling like fried green beans from steaming them (not a pleasant smell at the least), we sat him down to eat. I don't know how but he knew exactly what to do. He opened his mouth to the spoon, swallowed every bite, and when he was done, just turned his head at disinterest. He was even a clean eater, until Doc Handsome decided it needed to be messy and all over his face for the cute effect.

Now we have to wait three days before feeding him anything else to make sure he's not allergic to green beans. I am so proud of my guy tonight. I feel like we're really entering into a stage that will be a lot of fun. There's only one part I'm not looking forward to tomorrow....the new diaper presents.


  1. That smile is precious!

    P.S. I left an award for you on my blog :)

  2. What a big boy!! I love it! And I love how much he loved the green beans!! :)
    And yes... the diapers are a whole new world with solids ;)


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