Saturday, April 17, 2010

Till Lambs Become Lions

You may notice a small change in the layout of the blog since yesterday thanks to my awesome designer. I'm undergoing some design changes and of course, filling in all the blanks. Please bare with me as I get everything in order.

As you would have guessed, I'm completely new to blogging. I've never shown a great deal of interest until I found that there are a number of military spouse bloggers as well as mamma bloggers too. I instantly felt...encouragement. I don't know these writers personally, but there is a common factor that we share. The same lifestyle in a sense. Whether that is living semi-solitary lives while our men spend months away or turning from woman to mother as we raise our babies. I feel comfortable being all the things that sometimes the people closest to me want to understand, but can't quite comprehend.

I started this blog for many reasons others do. To keep family and friends updated with life of Mini Doc Handsome. But along the way I was surprised to find support in hearing others' struggles, joys, and experiences.

Thank you to those bloggers.

On a side note, did anyone watch the Oprah Winfrey with Russell Crowe? I absolutely loved the quote, "Rise and rise again. Till lambs become lions."

In short form, keep on truckin'.

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