Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Penny for your thoughts

My moment of the day:

On Monday my best friend had asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her today. She met me at work and we headed over to the mall. We entered through Target and I told her I just wanted to take a quick peak at the baby clothes. Target always has great priced adorable baby items. She kept telling me, that this trip was to shop for myself. I looked anways.

She finally drug me away saying, "I'm under strict orders for you to look only at clothes for you." The wheels started turning in my head and I asked her what she meant by being under strict orders.

I finally got it out of her. Doc Handsome had asked her to take me on a girlfriend shopping trip. He knows I can't shop with him because I feel too anxious, almost like I'm being a pain by shopping for clothes. I busted him with it once I got home and all he told me was that I deserved it.

I thought it was incredibly sweet. Considering he had the baby the entire day I was at work (and it was a rough one for him) and then continued to watch him while I went shopping.

Needless to say, I didn't find anything and ended up buying Mini Doc Handsome one outfit and pj's. =]


  1. oh the life of mothers... no clothes that fit us, but a bursting closet for our little ones!
    What an amazing husband you have!! So very sweet :]

  2. Your husband is awesome. That is very sweet to get you to go shopping. :)


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