Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another hold up

In going Active Duty that is. Of course, the military has found yet another reason that we're waiting on paperwork to clear.

Doc Handsome has been working with a recruiter since he returned home in February. We've had some bad experiences with other recruiters, not to mention heard even worse horror stories. So we are extremely lucky to have this one.

For the last two years, the hold up on going Active Duty was being released from the Reserves. In March, his conditional release was finally accepted. They gave him until the end of June to sign an Active Duty contract. The begining of this month, we finally had all the paperwork completed. You would not believe how much there was to fill out. Neither of us thought it would take months to gather.

One of the forms you have to turn in is a "Financial Statement." It basically includes pay stubs and a written statement of how you are making a living. Not just the servicemember, but also the spouse. Doc Handsome has been working for a Nursing Agency so he had those pay stubs to turn in. I however, get paid under the table for the mean time. (Which is luckily in the process of changing). So all I have to provide proof of my income are my time cards that are hand filled out. Yes of course that didn't fly. Not even along with my business card and a letter written from my employer.

See here's the tricky (yet ridiculous) part. The reason they need this whole "Financial Statement" is because they believe that military pay is signifigantly low. Which I will agree with. The base pay is pretty low but what they don't take into account is your housing allowance which provides more than enough to also covers utilities, health insurance, life insurance, and there is also the sometimes food allowance. Those benefits alone reduce your bills a huge amount.

So considering that the military pay is pretty low, they need to know you are surviving as a civilian, that way when you recieve military pay instead, you can live off of it.

Now tell me that doesn't make the least bit of sense?!

So the verdict after all that has been decided. Doc Handsome just started a second job since the nursing agency wasn't cutting it (not enough hours) and my employer has just started giving me business checks. We're going to wait a pay period and once we both get paid, hopefully those will be enough proof for Doc Handsome to finally go down to MEPS. The only catch now is, his conditional release was only good until the end of June. So he now has to get another one. And who knows how long that'll take.

And despite the difficulty we're gong through, being in no man's land, not knowing what to do next, I know it will work out. Even if we don't get Active Duty orders right now (because it's a 50/50% chance for Corpsmans at this time) I know eventually we will. Even if that means 10 years from now after he finished school.

To me however, it just seems like the Navy would be far better off accepting someone who is already trained and has plenty of experience in his MOS rather than some new person they have to spend thousands of dollars on to send off to all his training, uniforms, etc.

Do we ever understand the military? No.


  1. Oh hun I am so sorry...
    I am so inspired by your attitude though! You truly are amazing!
    Again, I am very sorry that there is a glitch in the plan, but proud of you both for hanging in there and working though it!
    And I agree, I think the Navy would be much better off just accepting him, someone who is already trained and with experience...
    But I know nothing of the military... ;)

    Love to you both and I will continue to pray!
    (you know my moto... everything happens for a reason!... but you know that and help remind me all the time!)


  2. Ick. That's so frustrating. If they're so concerned with the way you've been surviving in the civilian world compared to the Active Duty salary maybe they them more! What a crazy thought!?

    I hope you get it all sorted out. I know you will.

  3. Crazy! I hope it all gets worked out soon!

  4. sorry love! I hope it all works out for you guys...and you will be in my prayers! :)

  5. Hey girl! I'm sorry it's been such a process for you guys! =( I know I speak for Nick and I when I say we both wish you and your hubs the very best. I guess the only words of encouragement I can offer are maybe it's meant to be for the hubs to be home with you and the baby at this time until he's a little older. Maybe it's a sign.. Who knows? It will work out when it's suppose to. =) Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys! XOXO

  6. Wow that is so frustrating! I can't understand why they are making this so difficult with the pay and what not. I don't ever remember hubby doing that...but then again we weren't on our own and married. They should take into account that BAH and the extra benefits cuts down the cost of living immensely. You have a great attitude though, and it will all work out.


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