Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free time equals zero

A breakdown of my day.

Doc Handsome woke up at 6:30 and headed to work. Mini Dh and I woke up about an hour later. We ran to the pass office to get a car pass because of registration for the new car still hasn't gotten here. We stopped by the NEX to pick up some things we needed. From there we went to the Commissary to do a huge shopping trip. Everything was going so smooth at the store. Mini DH was loving the shopping cart and was actually entertained by being pushed around. I didn't think about what I was going to do once I got home and needed to unload the car. So that was an adventure in itself. I think I made five trips from the car to the kitchen with a baby in one hand. The maintenance workers doing construction must've thought I looked like a loon. Mini Dh then happily went down for his first nap. I got a chance to put the groceries away and jump on my school dashboard to get ahead on some school work. After Mini Dh woke, he sat in the kitchen with me in his high chair while we listened to music and I cooked dinner. Yes, dinner at 1 in the afternoon. (There was a reason for this just bare with me....) I whipped up a meatloaf, baked potatoes, and green beans. Along with a yummy dip for fruit so Doc Handsome could have some healthy dessert. Doc Handsome got home a couple hours later, exhausted. We did some laundry and fed Mini Dh his late lunch. We cracked up at his attempt to eat hamburger (plain with no added greases) while he stuffed his mouth and let it all dribble out. And then finally had a few minutes to play blocks with him. I then had to get ready for work and headed out around 3:30. Thus, the reason for making dinner so early. Doc Handsome would end up making something quick and unhealthy for dinner while I was at work if not. I know I do it when it's just me. I eat anything quick because cooking for one is never fun. I got home a little after ten, which was actually a pretty short day at my new job. Doc Handsome and I watched tv together and are now headed to bed to do it all over again.


But you see, this schedule is so much better than what we've been doing. About a month ago, only Doc Handsome was working. And when one job wasn't giving us the amount of "comfortability" that we thought we needed, we decided one of us needed a second job. In attempts to keep Mini Dh out of daycare, we both started looking for night jobs. We agreed whoever got a job first would take it. That of course happened to be Doc Handsome. I kept looking for one. He was leaving the house at 2pm for work and not getting home till 3am. Then waking back up at 6:30am for his other job and getting home from that at 1pm. He was worn down to say the least. But I have to say, that is the kind of man I married. One of the hardest, most dedicated, and supportive fathers and husbands; willing to do whatever needs to be done. So I had been applying to jobs left and right. Going on interviews and even third interviews. I finally got a call back and hired at this super awesome sports bar and grill. I'm working six nights this week and I'm pretty excited that at last Doc Handsome will have some time at home and more importantly, with our son.

Sooo, that is the dealio on our side of the world.

Ooh, and did I mention my in laws came into town this past weekend? It was SOOOO nice to have them here. I have the best pictures of my MIL with Mini Dh and she was so happy to spend time with him. I think both mornings they were here, she offered to get up with Mini Dh and feed him breakfast, etc. She even told me to go back to bed on Saturday morning. I wasn't going to say no after working the night before. You can just see the love she has for her grandbabies. It's amazing the how grandma's love their children's children just as much if not more. Long story short, it was blissful with him here. Way too short, but blissful.

And now...I am hitting the sack. Yay!


  1. Hey girl!

    I am a new follower and just wanted to say Hey!

    Your little guy is a doll!

  2. Y'all have such a busy schedule but it'll be worth it in the end! I absolutely love the way grandparents are with their grandkids. It's just so beautiful

  3. That is awesome that you two can work together so much and have the crazy schedule you have (the new one is better) and still find time for each other :)

  4. You guys definitely make a great team! Glad you had a good time with your in laws this weekend! Good luck with the new job! :)


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