Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Can you help?

Do you remember this post from July 7th about Keith and Ashley Hoff? They lost their beautiful angel son to Trisomy 13 and were gracious enough to let me tell their story as a way of support and encouragement to other families who have also been through child loss.

A few weeks after the post appeared, I recieved an email from The Mrs. over at her blog titled "Mr., Mrs., and Little Miss." She owns her own jewelry shop on which you can view here. She asked me if she could get in contact with Ashley because being in a similar situation with child loss previously, she had a special bracelet made specifically for infant/child loss awareness. The Mrs. was so touched by Keith and Ashley's story she wanted to send Ashley one.

Just a few weeks ago, Ashley recieved her bracelet in the mail and then made a large donation to The Mrs.' etsy shop so that more infant/child loss awareness jewelry could be made. The Mrs. so kindly asked me to help spread the word. Our joint goal, along with the generousity of Ashley, is to reach out to as many families as possible who have been through similar situations and have had the hardship of enduring the loss of a beautiful child.

Can you help?

We're still working on where and how you can order but until then there is so much you can do. First, blog! I'd never ask anyone to blog about something I'm writing, because I don't do that myself, but this is such a touching cause that can really make the difference for a family or individual who's suffered a great deal.

Second off, if you know of anyone who has been through infant/child loss, please let one of us know. With each donation we recieve, the Mrs. will send off a gift to a family who can wear the jewelry item and be reminded of their angel everyday.

And lastly, donate.

Bracelet Donation - $10, this will allow a Bracelet to be made and shipped for someone
Bracelet Donation - $5, this will allow a Bracelet to be made for someone
Key Chain - Free, with free shipping
Key Chain - Free, shipping extra (This will allow the donation to be spread out further)
Key Chain Donation - $5, this will allow a Key Chain to be made and shipped for someone
Bracelet Donation - $2.50, this will allow a Key Chain to be made for someone

It seems we're all strapped for extra spending money with this economy so even when donations aren't an option, there are other ways you can help. Thanks so much to everyone who was receptive to Ashley and Keith's story. It's surely opened a great opportunity to be able to help others in a similar situation.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the story! Many woman appreciate this :)


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