Sunday, September 5, 2010

Newest Family Member

I'm running off to work but I just had to share a picture of our newest family member. We adopted him from the city shelter today and get to bring him home Tuesday after he get finished with his man-li-hood surgery. He's a year and a half old and was amazing when we hung out with him. The most docile, sweetest, and loveable guy. The best part....he gets along with other animals and he loves Mini Dh!

Don't you just love his piercing blue eyes?

Name suggestions are more than welcome!


  1. Awwwww! He's gorgeous! I grew up with a husky. She had one blue eye and one brown eye. I named her Storm because her blue eye reminded me of Storm from X-Men. :)
    She passed away a little less than a year ago at the age of 14. I just think Huskies are the most beautiful dogs! Congrats!

  2. what a beautiful dog! Your little guy will love growing up with him!

  3. So pretty! And exciting! Hopefully I'll be posting something like this soon:) I'd love to get a husky mix, but our apartments won't allow them. Go figure!

    We pretty much have a name picked out for a male dog already, but other names we were considering were Apollo, Caliber, Fynn, Maverick, and Duke.

    Can't wait to hear what you decide!

  4. Okay, so I thought about it all day and I've come up with 4- they are kind of lame, but they could fit him! I hope to meet him one day!!


  5. Awwwww he is so cute! For some reason Dakota popped into my head, but that may be too girlie? I thought you were adopting German Shepard puppy? Maybe I am confusing everything. I love him, he is beautiful! You saved his life by getting him from a shelter. Rescue dogs are awesome :)

  6. He is gorgeous!!!! I like Oakley :)

  7. Oh, and Navi. That was another one of our names:)

  8. Oh he's gorgeous! Welcome to the family!!!


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