Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dog gone it.

Denali has chewed up our carpet. We are going to have to replace the entire living room and hallway portions most likely. He has eaten our blinds which will also need replacing. The beloved moose toy we bought him? Torn to shreads as well.

Why you ask? Because he's bored. He has seperation anxiety mixed with not a lot of room to run. We take him for multiple walks a day and although we can't left him run around off the leash since he still has stitches, his energy never decreases. Mini Dh is being woken up constantly from the noise he makes at all hours of the day. Toby is worn out from him always wanting to play.

Sure huskies are "known" for their energy. But not like Denali. He has an overexcessive amount. Taking him out even more than we do is too difficult with all our other duties and responsibilities.

I love Denali. I really do. Those big blue puppy dog eyes with that just make my heart melt are irresistible.

So we have decided Denali needs a yard. A home that can give him that space. It's only fair to him. And well, he doesn't deserve us being so angry with him when it's truly our fault for expecting it to work out. We refuse to take him back to the shelter knowing that he could possibly be put down.

It's really heartbreaking to me. Doc Handsome and I had already thought of him as part of our family. No matter how much time he's been with us, he snuck his way into our hearts so fast.

But I have to remember, he will be so much happier at his new home. Wherever that is....


  1. awhh.. I am so sorry, you will make the best choice I am sure. Our puppy ate our blinds too so we just took them down and bought curtains, structure and training is needed with puppies and with a little more work it might work out?

  2. I really am so sorry... that has to be so frustrating and heartbreaking all at the same time. I know you guys are making the best decision for your family, as hard as it is...
    Sending hugs and prayers for strength and that you can find him a wonderful home for Denali!

  3. :( We felt the same way about the puppy we took in in TX and then had to give away to a new home (with a yard) when we got here to ME. Actually, we had been through it with another puppy we adopted and raised to 8 months in Texas (when Abbey came, he went crazy, and did a lot of expensive damage to our AC unit in the yard...)

    A lot of dogs are just plain outdoor dogs that need a yard, and sometimes a farm LOL, no matter how much you love them and care for them. Your attitude is right on. When you find him a new home that's more suitable for his needs, you will feel good in your heart that he is happy. Good luck!

  4. Aw, that is too bad. I hope you don't have too hard a time finding a new home for him!

  5. I had to give up my dog a while back for those same reasons as well. He started snapping at people because he was so bored and we just didn't have the time to play with him like we should have. We gave him to someone with a couple acres for him to run in and last we heard he was insanely happy. Good luck finding Denali a home! I'm sorry it didn't work out!

  6. I am glad that y'all figured this out before too long. It takes a big person to know it's better to give your pet a better home because you can't give them what you want. Someone out there will love that little pup just as much as y'all did... there's another dog out there that will be a better fit for you

  7. I totally know how you feel. I would hate to give up another dog (I had to give up a dog that I had since I was 8 because we didn't have the space for him) and I wish you luck in finding Denali a home. Let us know how it goes!


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