Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grades are in and I'm not impressed

I finished my first two classes at University of Phoenix this past Sunday. My next two started Monday and I am liking them so far. But I'm not happy with my grades for the two I just finished.

B+ for my General Studies course

B+ for my English Essay Writing course

So here are my excuses. Really, there's been a lot going on. Once I felt like I got the system down for my online classrooms about 5 weeks in, I started working and that threw my whole schedule off. Some assignments got turned in late and my participation requirement for each week was hard to keep up sometimes. It took a couple weeks to get it down pat. Now with my new classes, I have my own system down and schedule to make sure it doesn't happen this block. But still. Bleh.

But really regardless of my excuses, there is no excuse. Doc Handsome says I'm silly for not being happy with those grades but it's because I know I can do better. I will these next classes!.


  1. Ah girl I'm sorry you aren't happy with them but I think those are great for being a full time mommy, wifey, and doing school and work all at the same time!

  2. Girl, those are AWESOME grades!!! I know what you mean about "I can do better" that was how I was anytime I didn't get an A, but honestly with all you have going on, those grades ROCK!!!!
    WAY TO GO!

  3. Those are great!! You should be proud! =) But Im the SAME way. When I was in college, I was so unhappy with anything below an A lol

  4. I understand wanting to do better, but those are great grades! Keep up the awesome work:-)

  5. Just make this your inspiration to work that much harder this session! I know how you feel, that's how my summer session was for my Calc 2 course just don't let it get you down

  6. I did my Associate's with UoP and I really enjoyed it for the most part. =)

  7. Those ARE really good grades and I agree with Mrs. S, those are really impressive considering that you are so busy with everything else! However, I'm the same way and I strive to do better all the time. You go girl!


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