Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday

My sweetest baby boy,

Happy first birthday!!

I suppose pretty soon I am going to have to stop calling you a baby. But for now, you are still just that. We’re seeing more and more signs of you becoming a toddler and at times, it saddens me. But mostly, I am overjoyed by it. You see, as you get older, our lives become fuller and more filled with love than the day before. Your very first birthday is today. This is one of the days you won’t remember but when you’re eight years old wanting to know what your very first celebration of birth was like, we want you to know how loved you were and still are. We want you to see all the people that love you. And even though today is about your special moment entering this world, it’s also about the huge change in mine and Daddy’s life.

From the moment you opened those big round browns, we were never the same. Instead of figuring out what movie to go see after dinner, we were calculating minutes till we needed to be back to pick you up from the sitter.

(One Year Old)

So today, not only are we celebrating your one year of life, we’re reliving the anniversary of your birth, and the miracle that we’ve made it this far as parents.

One year ago, one of our dear friends’ that your Daddy went to Corps School with, returned from Afghanistan after a very intense and harsh tour. Not only did he return the same day you were born, but his feet stepped off that international flight home, and hit American soil the same hour you were born. He has since become your adopted Godfather sending gifts and loving you from afar.

Just like us, so many people have fallen in love with you. From friends to family, you’ve stolen so many hearts. I cannot tell you the joy you have brought to all our lives.

(Meeting Daddy at four months)
You are taking steps on your own more and more every day. When you want to nurse, you know how to sign “milk” or you’ll simply attempt to pull down my shirt. And although it’s very cute, it’s slightly embarrassing when you do it at the grocery store. You are incredibly bright and pick up on everything these days. After showing you something just a few times, you are off trying to do it yourself. Yesterday you learned so quickly how to hit the baseball off your tee ball stand with the bat. We were so impressed. Daddy just knows you’ll love sports when you’re old enough to play; which I guess is now. You are amazed by lights, sounds, and crack up at the sight of any animal. You rearrange the house furniture almost every day and you’re such an easy going baby. Sweet as can be.

On your first birthday, we’re anticipating so much in your future; more times of laughter, joy, and many moments of being your proud parents. We are so thankful you’re in our lives little one.

Love forever and always,

Your Mommy


  1. Awww. That was SO sweet. Happy birthday, Mini DH!

  2. SOOO sweet! :)

    Happy Birthday to your little (baby) boy! I still call my three year old baby! :) He'll always be my baby no matter how big he gets!


    Treasure every second! The moments FLYYYY by!

  3. Awww!! This is so incredibly sweet and thoughtful. Happy First Birthday Mini DH!! :)

  4. how sweet! Happy Birthday to your big boy!!

  5. Aww how precious :) Happy birthday to your baby boy :)

  6. Aww! Happy birthdayyy!!

    I am dreading, yet excitedly awaiting our daughters 1st birthday!

  7. That's SO sweet!! Happy Birthday mini DH!

  8. I'm so happy I was able to be there! You did a great job with his party, everything was super cute! Yay, happy birthday to *him* :)
    Love you guys!

  9. This is so very sweet! Happy Birthday to Mini DH!!

  10. He is so stinkin cute! I showed my husband these pictures and he said he hopes we have a son that cute.

    p.s. I left you an award on my blog :)


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