Tuesday, November 9, 2010

100 Warm Feet Project for our Troops

My little ole' blog was featured in the 100 Warm Feet Project: For all you do, warm feet for you. And while I am beyond honored and surprised that I was included, there's more to this blog post than just that.

This project is sponsored by Verseo who is putting on a sweepstakes in honor of Veteran's Day 2010. This Vet's Day also marks our 10th year our brave men and women in uniform have endured cold Afgham winters. Verseo is asking anyone who is associated with an Armed Forces Service Member that can use a pair of ThermoSole Rechargeable Heated Insoles, to enter their contest that runs through November 29th. Verseo will choose 50 random winners to send their ThermoSoles to.

The video was created to celebrate military families while showing their stories to help promote the project/sweepstakes. I'm sure so many of you know her but Househol Diva 6 and This Military Mama help put this video together. I've been an avid follower of Household Diva 6 since she spoke out about protecting ourselves and our troops through OPSEC and PERSEC. She is also the one who made that little "Military Spouse Blogger" badge on the left side of the screen and created that long list of Military Spouse bloggers that we've all registered under.

So go ahead and register someone you know who could really use these warming soles during the cold winters...wherever that may be this Holiday Season. It's a small gesture but one that makes a huge impact.


  1. such a touching video <3 happy vets day from the hubs and i to you and yours :) take care

  2. Oh my heavens this made me laugh because it reminded me of something I forgot to email you about. I watched that video a while ago and when I saw your blog on it, I said out loud, "Oh my gosh, yay!!!" Ha ha, I am a nerd.

  3. I was blogging around this morning and found your blog. I love reading all the different blogs they all have something different to offer. My husband is retired military and my children are all grown, so I know some of the trials and tribulations you are going through. Hang in there, our military retirement check means alot to us in todays economy and you still will have some very meaningful benefits.
    Thanks for letting me visit.


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