Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A dime a dozen

So much has been going on lately in our ever changing lives. Hmmm let's see...

Breastfeeding - We have officially began the weaning process at 13 months. We're down to usually just one nursing session a day. Sometimes more and sometimes not at all. Mini Doc Handsome has been weaning himself for about 3 or so months now and after tormenting myself with the decision, Doc Handsome and I have decided jointly that at 14 months (Dec. 19th) this beautiful era in our parenthood will be over. *Insert very sad face* However, I do have to say that I am proud of US for how far we did make it. I say us because breastfeeding has to be supported by your partner to successfully work. Doc Handsome was so patient in assisting with pumping and warming frozen milk when I was away at work. 14 months of giving him the best of the breast and I can know with certainty that it is a benefit not just for his 14th months of breastfeeding, but for his entire life. I'm pretty obviously VERY pro breastfeeding so I'm proud that Mini Dh has never had a drop of formula and that I've never even had to purchase formula. I still dread the last nursing session as I can picture it perfectly in my head. Many times I've contemplated nursing until two years of age but after all the difficulties and heartache of trying to get Mini Dh to nurse when he very clearly is weaning himself, the beauty and bonding Mini Dh and I once shared in nursing has long dissolved.

(Please no meany face comments about how I should be ashamed of stopping. I have my blog set up to not allow annonymous comments because I put some of my most inner thoughts on here under my own identity, not annonymous, so I think a difference of opinion can be said respectfully and with an identity....and of course is always welcomed.)

Thanksgiving - We're spending at our house this year. We did three different trips to the SF Bay area in October for our niece's and nephew's births and Mini Dh's first birthday trip that we were drained of traveling so harshly with Mini DH. We also figured if we didn't take the trip for Thanksgiving, we could ask for more time of during Christmas time. So we did just that and now we get to spend an entire week in the Bay Area for Christmas and even New Year's Eve with our friends up there....which we've never done before.

So tomorrow we've got a huge shopping list for my first ever Thanksgiving cooking attempt. Eeks! Saying I'm nervous would be an understatement.

Military - Still no word from MEPS but this week will mark 3 weeks and we SHOULD hear back from them. Those prayers are much appreciated, if you could keep them going just a bit longer.

Mini Dh - He's walking like a pro and trying his very hardest to run which is so adorable to watch. He just got finished with antibiotics for yet another double ear infection mixed with a sinus infection which we both had for nearly four weeks. We were miserable and apparantly he is prone to ear infections. The antibiotics gave him an infection so now we're dealing with that. Mini Dh is such a good tempered boy though because through it all he's still so patient and rarely fussy.

He's saying all kinds of words now including mama, dada, ball, tree, car, doggie, light, and bird. He points out my nose, ears, eyes, forehead, and cheek. He's at such an absorbant age; everyday is more fun than the day before. And of course, more challenging too as he tries to assert his independence.

Me, myself, and I - I have began....drum roll please.......therapy for myself. It's been a long time coming and not anything I really plan on discussig here but I am excited for my very own road to recovery and hopefully a huge decrease in unfortunate emotions.

School - I started my third block in school last week and that marked my first ever class that is actually related to my major in Elementary Education. I really like how UofP threw in some major related classes with my general ed cause it keeps my eye of the bigger goal rather than just trying to get through the b.s. gen. ed classes.

Christmas break starts in just a few weeks and I'm so relieved that I won't have school work to do on our vacation up north.

Tonight it was raining and Doc Handsome stepped out onto the patio with Mini Dh in his arms, asking me to come out for just a few seconds. I gave him that "really?! In the cold?!?!" face as I threw on my jacket. We just watched the rain and in the middle of an ordinary night he said, "I'm so glad I'm here this year. I love you two."

It reminded me of the families that don't have their partner or parent home this holiday season like Mrs. S and Beka just for starters. Whether it's a military family or even one who can't be with their family for various reasons, please keep them in mind. Somewhere someone is missing what we are blessed for this season. Last year it was us.

Merry Christmas!!! We're so close to Thanksgiving so I've started saying it now!


  1. when i have babies i really hope i can nurse for as long as possible! three months is still a huge goal to reach, you should be proud! i totally believe in the benefits of nursing also. and thank you for the shout out for those who can't be with their family this year! though caleb and i technically aren't family... i appreciated it :)

  2. Well I like this post :) So much.
    I hope you hear from them soon..
    wow 14 months of breastfeeding :) I am hoping to breastfeed Xavier ( ya know I am still prego so I hope to breastfeed at all) but I hope to give him breast milk for 2 years. Even if he wont ever take it directly from me.. I hope he will take it for 2 years in a bottle. As long as he gets it that is what is important to me. :)
    I hope you and your family have a HAPPY and SAFE thanksgiving. I wish you luck on cookiing.. IT is fun! I hope to see pics :) hehe..

  3. I heart this post! Making it to 13 months is a serious accomplishment! Most people don't even try to breast feed at all these days. I wish my little babe would have stayed on the boob, her and her nursing strikes were terrible :(

  4. I think you are amazing. I hope you know that 14 months is an amazing accomplishment!!
    That is about how long I nursed O before he stated weaning himself. That is when they start getting a mind of their own ;)
    YOU ROCK! And I think you are awesome :)

  5. 14 months nursing is an amazing accomplishment and you should be very proud! Just a note to help you along, because I am trained, and I want to help . . . be aware that mini DH might ask to nurse again days, even weeks after you think you've successfully weaned him. So don't be surprised when that happens - and just add in lots of love and hugs in the nursing's place :)

    You are absolutely right that breastfeeding, especially past infancy, requires the support of your partner, and a unilateral feeling that it's right for YOU. Mini DH has gotten all the best of breastmilk and more in 14 months - what he would get if you let him self-wean would just be extra icing on the cake. Congrats at making it so far. Awesome job, mama!

  6. Ashamed for stopping? You did it for over a year and plus he is weaning himself off! No one should tell you that you should be ashamed. You've done an amazing job with him. You and the hubs are awesome parents! <3

    I'm so happy for you guys that you get to be together with your family up in the Bay Area this year!!! That's awesome! Whoohooo! :)

    Good luck on the turkey girl! I'm sure it will turn out awesome!

    <3 You're too sweet, thanks for the thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it!!!

  7. thanks for the comment...love your blog! i can't get enough of birth stories, and yours had me in tears...so beautiful that your husband was able to 'be there'. :)

    kudos to you for bf-ing for 13 months. when i gave birth to eden, there was no question that i would breastfeed...but i was soooo incredibly surprised at how much of a challenge it was. we persevered, and now it's awesome...but there were SO many times i wanted to quit in the first 6 weeks. the only thing that kept me going was knowing how much of a gift it was to give my baby! so...yay for you. :)

  8. What a great update. I love that Mini Dh is walking and talking. Isn't it the best??? Congratulations on school and for starting therapy. I went to therapy last year and I feel so much different. It's pretty awesome as long as you have the right personality match with your therapist. Good luck!


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