Sunday, March 14, 2010

From reservist to active.....who woulda thought?

Today is a lazy Sunday for our family. While Mini DH naps, I am taking advantage of this time to crave my need to blog! On topic today? The frustrating process of Doc Handsome getting out of the Reserves.

The process of Doc Handsome going from reserve Navy to active duty has proven to be quite the chore. After trying for two years, we were finally given word that he may now be able to get active duty orders. Granted, the package the recruiter gave Doc Handsome has what seems like......100 pages to fill out! Complete with referral letters and our entire family's marriage certificates, social security cards, and birth certificates! Who would have thought it would take so much.

So as we patiently await the word, money must still be made! Luckily, the deployment allowed us to save up. Doc Handsome was also granted paid leave and paternity leave till the end of this month. I have gone back to work a few hours a week for Farmers Insurance again. It's only two hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays but it's perfect to have "grown up" time. Not to mention, it's a great opportunity for the boys to bond. Mini DH is getting more and more accustomed to Doc Handsome everyday. Despite the fact that he still cries part of the time I am at work, I know it's helping Mini DH bond with Daddy. He needs to know Doc Handsome, as well as mommy, can comfort him.

Back to the work situation, Doc Handsome is looking in the medical field until (fingers crossed) recieving active duty orders. It's hard for him because he hated the job he had before he left on deployment. He could go back there but he'd like to find something else if possible. So the search continues!

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