Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My sissy's baby news

Ok, so it turns out there's a lot more on my mind than I first thought tonight.

As known, the oldest sister of all my youngest siblings, (did ya follow that one?) is having a baby due in October. Scratch that. He or she is now September 26th! I am so extremely excited. She had her first ultrasound today and found out she's 14 weeks along. Below are the pictures. Isn't he or she absolutely beautiful??? I cannot believe how emotional I am over my sister's baby. I never thought finding out news that I am going to have a niece or nephew that is blood related would bring so much joy. I shed actual tears when I saw the pictures. All the feelings suddenly came back to me when I thought back about my pregnancy with Mini DH. She is in for such an amazing journey and I can't be more excited to share it with her. I am hoping we will once again grow close over the fact that we'll both be mammas.

Here is the little bundle of joy!!




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