Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Tales

What a long day it has proven to be. After stumbling out of bed, I somehow managed to drag my butt to work. I always enjoy the short two hours I have of "adult time." Even if it is working. I adore my boss and it's a nice time to get to socialize without the constant "goo goo ga ga's." Which I don't mind, even though it's nice to be reminded I am a 22 year old person and not just a baby-talking machine.

After work, I came home to my four guys. Man, what a lucky gal I am. Surrounded by such handsome men! (Ok, one is a cat and the other is a dog but still.....!) We took a 45 minute walk to the commissary and NEX. Mini DH lost his rattle on the way. Here is a snapshot of Mini DH trying to attack Doc Handsome's Red Bull....which has become one of his guilty pleasures lately.

Mini DH went to bed promptly at 8pm like always. We have him on such a wonderful schedule. With Doc Handsome home, I finally feel like I'm not a chicken running around with my head cut off. It could very well be a combination of that and Mini DH getting older though.
I started my very first cake made from scratch tonight. Doc Handsome's favorite is Carrot Cake. When I visited my mom in Alaska she made this delicious one, so after getting the recipe, my project for the night has begun! I can't believe how time consuming this cake is so far. I know it will be worth it in the end. I had to grate six, yes 6, cups of carrots. Ok, I will admit, after the first one, I asked Doc Handsome for some help. He actually enjoyed it so much, he did all six cups.

6 cups of grated carrots!

Kind of blurry, but I was so thankful to have his manly strength to grate my carrots! Yes that is a pink lady in a dress grater. My grandma sent it to me for my birthday.
I then had to plump my raisins for a few hours in a sweet mixture that I honestly, kind of made up. I was going to plump them in a rum sauce since I 've read great reviews, but DH wasn't sure what kind to get and I wasn't even sure what kind to tell him.


Don't let Doc Handsome know I made up the mixture.....darn I am sure he'll read this sooner or later. He's already skeptical since I've started feeling confident enough to deviate from recipes. When this carrot cake recipe called for crushed pineapple and apple sauce, he was a bit skiddish. Little does he know he's in for quite the treat.

So now I am just waiting another hour for the carrots to soak in brown sugar. Twenty more minutes and I will at last be able to start baking!! I promise to update with the finished product!


Hours later and the cake turned out amazing! Whoever came up with that recipe hit it spot on! It was supposed to be three layers. But I wasn't sure if I had enough frosting so I didn't put too much between the layers. Next time I'll know that I made enough frosting to put extra in the layers.


Doc Handsome thought it was delicious and enjoyed a piece before we headed off to bed.

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