Monday, April 5, 2010

Breastfeeding Advertisement

Attention to any men about to read this blog:
(With the exception of my husband)

I would advise you to skip this post. I don't think it will be personally appealing to you.

I should do a breastfeeding commercial or something. I'm sure that's what the following will sound like.

Breastfeeding. That's what's on my mind tonight. I just need to let it out. I am so glad I stuck with the decision to breastfeed! It's the best bonding I could have ever imagined to share with my son. I am so thankful to everyone who encouraged me to push through the initial pain and frustration at the begining. Even from the start, I loved it instantly. That was what kept me clinging on through the pain. Sure, it does hurt at first. But if you can just keep with it for a few weeks, it's all worth it. There is no feeling like walking into Mini DH's room at night to feed him and he stares up at me with those beautiful brown eyes. It is as if he's saying "Oh it's mommmy at last." When he is nursing, you can tell he is just in his element. He feels so comfortable, secure, and at peace. It's precious and endearing. Not to mention, knowing that I provide that security for him is amazing. There is something so unique about the physical connection that touches my heart. Much like the first feeling of having your newborn child skin-to-skin contact with you right after delivery. It is indescribeable. (Not sure about the spelling on that one and I'm too tired to go look it up at this point).

Besides the emotional connection and bonding, the health factors are so beneficial for every child that I think any ABLE mother should take part. No food is more perfect for a baby than that of their mother's breastmilk. It is the absolute ideal match with the exception that a very select few babies are allergic. It contains every nutrient a baby needs. It protects against serious infections and all the mother's antibodies are passed from mother to child, thus protecting the child as well. I sound like I'm just naming off facts now don't I? Probably because I am. I used all the information at this link to decide breastfeeding was my one and only choice prior to having our little guy. As you can tell I am extremely pro-breastfeeding. I feel I could talk about it for hours. I've exclusively breastfed for the first six months and depending on whether Mini DH's doctor suggests starting solids now or later, will continue till he is at least a year old.

I know all mammas can't breastfeed for health reasons but when you can, take into account the information above. Breastfeeding alone raises a child's IQ level by at least 7 points! And not to mention, if you're wondering how to burn that baby fat? Breastfeeding burns more calories than running uphill for 30 minutes or swimming 30 laps. Talk about losing weight while doing nothing!

Ok, I think my little tangent has ended for tonight. I just had to let out the wonderful feelings I have towards breastfeeding.

Goodnight. =]

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  1. I completely agree!! I couldn't have said it better myself!
    It really was the best and hardest thing I have ever done!!
    And O is 15.5 months and we are still going! (I am trying to wean but he just isn't ready to give up the comfort of it, and honestly neither am I!!)

    WAY TO GO! I love when mama's are so passionate about breastfeeding! Because I am too! :)
    Good job mama!!!


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