Tuesday, April 6, 2010


That is the only word to describe the butterflies in my stomach right now. Doc Handsome just heard back from his reserve unit and it looks like his conditional release was approved.

The conditional release is the form from his reserve unit that allowed him to be released from the Naval Reserves so he can switch over to Active Duty. He has been trying for a full two years and when he submitted his release two weeks ago, I was certain it would be denied again. I was preparing myself for a let down. I had already decided it wouldn't be approved. But when we found out today, I don't know what happened. The tears just came. Good tears. Shocked, very very shocked tears.

His whole heart has been in this endeavor. This is what he's wanted. This is what we wanted. We've been set on this since the begining. And now that it's a reality.....well I am just shocked. Along with overjoyed and anxious to get the ball rolling.

A million thoughts are running through my head. Where will we be stationed? How soon will they ship him out again? Will Mini DH like the lifestyle? How will our families react? When will this damn war end? The list could go on and on.

I think I'm rambling. As always, I'll update when I know more.

Thank you to anyone who prayed for us to have this form approved. Your prayers are what led us here.

God is good. He always provides.


  1. I really am excited for you guys! Congrats to Doc Handsome!!
    Reading that I got nervous for you!!
    You guys are definitely in my prayers and just promise if you go far away that you will continue to keep in touch with me! Even though we just met a short while ago, I value our friendship!!
    And I completely agree "God is good. He always provides"

  2. Yay!!! I'm SO happy for him!! For both of you! This is awesome news! Another chapter in your life is about to start, which is exciting and wonderful and sometimes a bit scary but in the end, you will end up exactly where your meant to be! Fingers crossed you stay in CA. Thanks for the text yesterday and sharing you life with me.

  3. That's very exciting! Big changes! You all will do great, God will always provide!


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