Saturday, April 10, 2010

Date Night Strikes Again

For the first time in eleven months we were able to have our first night alone yesterday evening. It was an absolutely amazing night.

We dropped Mini Doc Handsome off at our close family friend's house, who also happens to be my best friend's mom and my boss. I think I packed every single baby item in the house. Along with a list written from Mini DH's point of view that included every activity he likes, his bedtime routine, and how to heat up the milk. A little bit neurotic you say? Yes, I would think so. Understandably, he is our first child and I am an over attentive mother as is. He is a child that loves his routine. The routine we've created for him. I swear by it, children thrive better when there is a routine. When they know what to expect next.

So after getting the rolley eyes about how to turn on his mobile at bed and how to swaddle him for the night, we left for the movie theater. I mistakably thought we had bought tickets to the theater where they serve you dinner at your seats. (Thanks to a great friend who told me about them)! Turns out there's just a restaurant in the theater. We saw 'Hot Tub Time Machine' which I have to say was a great comedy and had a feel-good ending. After that we headed over to Cheesecake Factory (we are cheesecake lovers all the way) and shared dessert along with coffee and tea (decaf for me of course)!

It was about 11 by this time and Mini DH was fast asleep, so we strolled the downtown area of Ventura. My favorite part of the night.....holding hands. A small gesture I took for granted too much prior to Mini DH. These days we're lucky to hold hands ever. Between lugging around the baby's gear and the baby himself, it's hard to balance everything with just one hand. I sometimes hold his hand in the middle of the night after he crawls back into bed from checking on Mini DH. I forgot how nice it is to simply walk with his hand in mine.

Our agreement for the night was no baby talk and no discussion about things that cause us stress. We talked about how every parent says, "I can't remember what life was like before the kids" and how we have reached that point. What did we ever do with free days before the baby? Everyday is planned out towards his schedule and his needs. He accounts for everywhere we go and how long we're out. Trips are planned around naps and anything we want to do without him is done after he's put to bed. It seems like everyday is constantly about raising him that we can't possibly have filled our days as just a married couple before.

Around midnight we picked the baby up. He was counting sheep in his pack'n'play which is a lifesaver for a crib on the go! They have one dalmation and a little jack russell terrier. The jack russell hadntaken on the role of Mini DH's guardian for the duration of his visit. He slept by his crib the entire time, not letting the other dog or anyone near him. When Doc Handsome packed up the crib, she kept growling at him and even tried crawling in the carseat with Mini DH. It was quite precious. Mini DH was an angel apparantly the whole night and when placed in his crib, went right to bed. The one mishap for the entire night was when I was asked wether he slept on his back or tummy via text. For some reason, I was talking to Doc Handsome while texting back and accidentally wrote "tummy always." When of course, it's always the back. Luckily, he liked his tummy and knows how to flip over now. That just goes to show you, it's nearly impossible to multi-task while texting! (HeeHee)

Date night was a hit and hopefully our next one won't be so far stretched.


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  2. I am so glad you guys got out and had such a great time!! I LOVE the Cheesecake Factory! :) And I'm glad B did so well!! xoxo


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