Monday, April 12, 2010

Spanking as discipline

Does spanking lead to aggresion later in life or is it an effective discipline that is backed by the Bible in verses such as "spare the rode, spoil the child?''

I found an article while reading Yahoo news today about a new study done on the effects of spanking. I found it quite interesting and thought the other mommies out there might too.

What do you think about spanking as discipline?

On another note, Mini Doc Handsome has two, yes I said two, bottom front teeth poking through gums. They are visible and making it be known! He hasn't been too fussy which I've taken as a blessing but I am attributing baby orajel to part of that. I think I shed a tear when we first felt his teeth.

What a sap.

I am off to a doctor appointment. They had me on some darn antibiotics that have made me feel prtty yucky.

Nothing too serious. Don't worry!

Then Doc Handsome goes to his recruiter today to talk about going down to MEPS in LA where they do his medical stuff. That's the first step to active duty and knowing when he'll be sent to Illinois.

Hope everyone's day is wonderful!

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  1. Personally, I don't believe in spanking... I was spanked as a kid and really all it taught me was to fear my parents...
    Thanks for posting that article!! It was really interesting!

    How was the dr appt?

    Hope your DH had a good meeting with the recruiter!


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