Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Night thoughts...

That's right. Doc Handsome has a twelve hour shift at the hospital tonight. 7 to 7.

I am proud of him though. He was so exhausted and didn't want to take the shift but did anyways, along with two other ones just like it this week. The last time I did this night shift with Mini Doc Handsome was during the deployment. I almost forgot what it's like to do it alone. Speaking of Mini DH. Poor little guy had his second tooth's gums bleeding today. Just a tad but you could tell they were causing him pain.

Other random thoughts for tonight:

-Turns out there is still one more process that needs to be approved for this whole active duty shananigan. There has to be a position open first. Of course we're nervous. I think I am moreso than Doc Handsome. He's pretty confident it will be fine.

-Obtaining birth certificates are pretty much a pain in the butt! Luckily, Alaska (for mine) has an expediting service. Probably because there's so many less people than here in California. But of course Mini DH's takes 15-30 days online! Blahhhh. Or you have to go to the county clerks office. And seeing as we don't live close to his birth place that is kind of difficult. Luckily, my mother in law does and was so willing to take time out of her day to get a copy. Thank goodness for grandmas!

-Our friend is getting deployed in the very near future to a combat zone. Scary. His wife is a close friend and he is a reservist as well. I know there's not very many resources for reservist families, definitely not the support and encouragement active duty families recieve. When in reality, sometimes it seems when reservists are mobilized they become more complicated. Families weren't prepared for the possibility like active duty families are and they have to leave behind their civilian jobs too. If ya'll could just say a prayer for her and her hubby while they endure their time apart I would greatly appreciate it. The cool news! He got picked by the LA Kings to be the "Hero of the Night" for the first playoff game. They have him salute the flag during the National Anthem and do a little speil about his service. Perfect morale booster before his deployment.

-We should be finding out the gender of my sister's baby next week if he/she cooperates.

-Next weekend we are finally making a trip up north to see our families and friends. I can't wait to see them and for them to see how much Mini DH has grown and learned.

Talk about stream of consciousness.....


  1. next weekend as in the 23rd?

    Good luck with the active duty stuff and getting birth certificates! (is that part of the active duty stuff?)

    I will definitely say a prayer for your friend and his wife!

    How did the night go with your hubby?

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